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Senior lecturer Brenda Schertz, a whirlwind of energy, teaches the first American Sign Language classes at Cornell that meet the College of Arts and Sciences’ three-semester world language requirement.

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“The Chinese government, and other governments in Asia and elsewhere, face the difficult challenge of taking stringent measures to contain the spread of the virus and getting their populations to take the risks seriously, while mitigating widespread panic that could prove counterproductive in some respects,” says Eswar Prasad, senior professor of trade policy.

“The right-wing religious push is also a push to restore the old order and the old social hierarchy where white Christians were on the top and they are very wary of indigenous identities,” says Kenneth Roberts, professor of government.

“The goal of the Trump administration rollback is to reduce the obligations of farmers, ranchers and other landowners in their requirements to protect water quality in the US,” says Catherine Kling, professor of environmental, energy and resource economics. “This will lower regulatory costs to that group of Americans. But there are costs to the environment that will be borne by other Americans.” 

“A wrong that escapes public condemnation is no wrong at all. Worse, it invites not simply repetition, but expansion,” says Joseph Margulies, professor of law.

“I would say that (Gorham) would not be authorized to arrest or interrogate or search anyone,'' says Jaclyn Kelley-Widmer, assistant clinical professor of law. "And his action seems to be adjacent to be making an arrest or part of making an arrest. So it probably is unlawful under this statute.’’

Francine Blau, professor in the ILR School, is quoted extensively throughout this piece on the cost of child-care and how various households in the U.S. must approach it.