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Cornell Media Relations Office is the university's representative to local, regional, national and international media organizations. Part of University Relations, Media Relations works across the university to connect faculty experts and thought leaders with print, broadcast and digital media.

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Since 1978 Cornell University has hosted the New York State dairy products competition. This year’s judging took place in Stocking Hall, August 5 through 7. Winners are announced on Dairy Day at the Great New York State Fair.

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Louis Hyman, associate professor in the ILR School, and Robert Frank, professor of management, are both quoted in this article on why American homes are so big compared to those found in other parts of the world.

“The risk is that a rate cut could get interpreted as the Fed just trying to placate Trump,” says Eswar Prasad, senior professor of trade policy.

Professor of applied economics and management, Bradley Rickard, discusses wine tariffs in the EU and how European wine trade with China could impact the US wine market.

Eswar Prasad says, “The process of her selection, which was orchestrated by a set of advanced European countries with the tacit support of the U.S. still reeks of a global governance system that is dominated by advanced economics who put their interest first.”

Maria Cristina Garcia, professor of American studies, says, "These 70,000 do not include the thousands who, though not technically homeless, will live in damaged homes covered only by blue plastic tarps. You can still find blue tarps in the (US Virgin Islands) and Puerto Rico two years after Hurricanes Irma and Maria."

Researchers from a few institutions, including Cornell Tech, have been enlisted to detect deepfake videos, hyper-realistic videos in which what people say or do are manipulated, for Facebook.