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Cornell Media Relations Office is the university's representative to local, regional, national and international media organizations. Part of University Relations, Media Relations works across the university to connect faculty experts and thought leaders with print, broadcast and digital media.

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Every day the Delaware/Catskill Watershed supplies a billion gallons of famously great-tasting water to over 8 million NYC residents. Cornell expertise helps keep the water clean and safe to drink at a huge cost savings for the city.

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“Today’s announcement is not based on any new science that changes the picture of what biologists regard as absolutely necessary to keep sage grouse off the endangered species list,” John W. Fitzpatrick, director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, says. “The Department of Interior is disregarding its own best available science.”

Jordan Matsudaira, an assistant professor of economics at Cornell University, says he found it hard to believe the department couldn’t strike a deal to restore access to the earnings data if the political will was there. “It strains credulity a little bit,” says Matsudaira, who served as chief economist on Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers from 2013 to 2015.

“Right now the most interesting science fiction is produced in all sorts of non-traditional places,” says Anindita Banerjee, associate professor at Cornell University, whose research focuses on global sci-fi. “But this phenomenon, which is now making its voice heard from areas like China or Africa, also has a much longer history that precedes today’s boom.”

It is highly inappropriate for a president to insert himself into a judicial process, says Jens Ohlin, a professor at Cornell Law School. “He’s not just a regular person. He’s the head of the executive branch.”

Op-ed from Mark Lynas, a visiting fellow at the Alliance for Science at Cornell University, who argues that humanity hasn't yet done enough to make a tangible difference to the relentless accumulation of carbon dioxide in our planet's atmosphere.

“Many corporations are in a similar bind,” says Eswar Prasad, a Cornell University economist who consults with Chinese officials. “They’d like to disentangle themselves from China, but even when they try, the entanglements only get worse.”