Garden Mosaics Kit on sale: Includes interactive DVD, poster, colorful science pages and more

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Cornell University and the American Community Gardening Association are offering for sale the Garden Mosaics Kit, which includes an award-winning interactive DVD and program manual for educators, a poster and many other science education tools, all contained in a durable case.

The mission of Garden Mosaics, a partnership between the American Community Gardening Association and Cornell, is to connect young and old in the investigation of the mosaic of plants, people and cultures in gardens. Garden Mosaics enables young people to learn about the diversity of plants and cultures in their community, form positive relationships with adults, take action to benefit their neighborhood and participate in a global project to help the environment and food system.

The DVD contains lectures by educators, a downloadable series of illustrated activity and fact sheets, and links to many other educational resources. The program manual is a complete "how-to" guide for educators, and the more than 37 colorful science pages, covering topics ranging from aerial photo interpretation and insects to unusual plants and their uses, are appropriate for youth and adults alike.

The kit is available for $69.99 until June 1, and $79.99 after that. To order, see

Garden Mosaics is funded by the National Science Foundation and private donors. For more information, see, or contact Diana Bryant at (607) 255-2115 or by e-mail at

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