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Social scientists receive small grant awards

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The Institute for the Social Sciences (ISS) has announced the recipients of its biannual small grant award for interdisciplinary research and conference support among other efforts. The program is designed to assist Cornell's tenure-track faculty working within the social sciences.

The November 2007 recipients and their projects:

  • Shelley Correl and Cate Taylor, both in sociology, "Stress and Status Processes in Task Groups";
  • Peter Enns, government, and Christopher Wlezien of Temple University, "Conference on Homogeneity and Heterogeneity in Public Opinion";
  • Katherine McComas, Sahara Byrne, Natalie Bazarova, Zheng Yang, all in communication, and Claudia Henschke and David Yankelevitz, both in radiology, Weill Cornell Medical College, "Risk Communication and Lung Cancer Screening";
  • H. Kern Reeve and Pat Barclay, neurobiology and behavior, and Stephen Bernard, sociology, "Threats to Group Survival, Status and 'Upping the Threat Level'";
  • Deni Ruggeri and Paula Horrigan, both in landscape architecture, "Scripting the Future of a Community: A Participatory Visioning Process for Iowa's Amana Colonies";
  • Anna Marie Smith, government, "Revisiting the Relation Between the Private and the Public 'Spheres' After Welfare: A Feminist Legal Studies Project";
  • Pamela Tolbert and Quinetta Roberson, both in organizational behavior, Esta Bigler, labor and employment law, "Law and Social Sciences: Using Theory and Research on Discrimination in Title VII Class Action Litigation";
  • Rohit Verma, operations management, Hotel School, and Liana Victorino of the University of Utah, "A Systematic Assessment of Service Scripts in the Hospitality Industry"; and
  • Vivian Zayas, psychology, "Adult Attachment: Integrating Social, Cognitive and Neurophysiological Approaches."

Small grants are funded by the ISS and by the Office of the Vice Provost for Research at Cornell. All Cornell tenure-track faculty members working within the social sciences are encouraged to apply. For a description of the projects, visit