Commemoration of Ed Salpeter planned for March 14

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Blaine Friedlander

The astronomy and physics departments will celebrate the life of Cornell astrophysicist Edwin Salpeter Saturday, March 14, at 2 p.m. in Barnes Hall.

Salpeter, a seminal figure in theoretical physics whose research spanned topics from physics and astrophysics to neurobiology and missile defense systems, died in Ithaca Nov. 26. At the time of his death, he was the J.G. White Distinguished Professor of Physical Sciences Emeritus.

The program includes keynote talks by theoretical physicists Freeman Dyson, Kip Thorne and Lars Bildsten, as well as reminiscences by colleagues and family.

"More than any other individual, Ed put the physics into astrophysics,'' said Ira Wasserman, chairman of the astronomy department at Cornell. "Ed transformed our field forever.''

A reception and dinner will be held at the Statler following the commemoration.

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