Harold Craighead wins research honor from UPenn

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Blaine Friedlander

The University of Pennsylvania's Nano/BioInterface Center has presented its annual Award for Research Excellence in Nanotechnology to Harold Craighead, Cornell's C.W. Lake Professor of Engineering.

A professor of applied and engineering physics since 1989, Craighead has served as director of Cornell's National Nanofabrication Facility (now the Cornell NanoScale Science and Technology Facility), director of the School of Applied and Engineering Physics, and founding director of the Nanobiotechnology Center.

Craighead has been a pioneer in nanofabrication methods and the application of engineered nanosystems for research and device applications. His most recent research includes the use of nanofabricated devices for biological applications. His research continues to involve the study and development of new methods for nanostructure formation, integrated fluidic/optical devices, nanoelectromechanical systems and single-molecule analysis.

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