Institute for the Social Sciences awards research grants

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John Carberry

The Institute for the Social Sciences has announced the following recipients of its biannual small-grant award program for interdisciplinary research and conference support:

  • Natalya Bazarova and Connie Yuan, communication, "Expertise Recognition in Cross-Cultural Collaboration: The Impact of Computer-Mediated and Face-to-Face Communication";
  • Sahara Byrne and Sunny "Sun Jung" Kim, communication, "Preventing Deviant Internet Behavior: An Application of Prospect Theory";
  • John Cawley, policy analysis and management, "Leveraging the ASHEcon Conference at Cornell to Promote Exchange Across the Social Sciences";
  • Duane Corpis, history, "Overseas Charity in Early Modern Europe: Empathy, Obligation and Global Networks";
  • Shelley Feldman, Charles Geisler, Fouad Makki and Phil McMichael, development sociology, "Rethinking Development in an Age of Climate Change";
  • Jeremy Foster, landscape architecture; Lily Chi, architecture; and Neema Kudva, city and regional planning, "Building on the Informalized City: An Interdisciplinary Conference";
  • Tarleton Gillespie and Dimitry Epstein, communication, "The Duality of Telecom Policymaking: The Case of Internet Governance Debates";
  • Ying Hua, design and environmental analysis, "An Exploration of the Effect of Design Interventions on Reducing Sedentary Behavior in Workplace";
  • Marianne Krasny and Janis Dickinson, natural resources; and Justin Dillon, London, "Exploring Trans-disciplinary Research in Environmental Education and Related Fields";
  • Daniel Magaziner, history, "Engaging Images: Artists and the Art of Life in 20th-Century South Africa";
  • Poppy McLeod, communication, "Linguistic and Emotional Factors in Intergroup Linguistic Bias";
  • David Patel, government, "Kin and Kingdom: Using GIS to Understand the Relationship Between Tribes and Elections in Jordan";
  • Sara Pritchard, science and technology studies, "Fluid Empires: Water Management Across the French Mediterranean";
  • Todd Schmit and Bradley Rickard, applied economics and management; and Anna Mansfield, food science, "Estimating the Impact of Alternative Canopy Management Practices on White Wine Purchase Decisions";
  • Jeffrey Sobal and Karla Hanson, nutritional sciences; and Matthew Brashears, sociology and nutritional sciences, "Eating Network Partners"; and
  • Jessica Weeks, government, and Michael Tomz, Stanford University, "The Causal Mechanisms of the Democratic Peace."

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