Campus-to-Campus bus expands New York City service

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John Carberry

The Campus-to-Campus (C2C) bus service will add six weekly round trips to its schedule beginning Jan. 13, an increase of more than 40 percent over the current 14 trips. For the first time, C2C will offer New York City-based members of the Cornell community the opportunity to spend a full day in Ithaca without an overnight stay. Fares hold steady at $75 per person each way.

Campus-to-Campus will offer three trips daily from Ithaca and New York City Monday through Friday. Buses depart each city early morning, midday and in the evening. On Saturdays, there will be a morning and evening trip from Ithaca and two afternoon trips leaving New York City. On Sundays, there will be three Ithaca departures -- morning, midday and evening -- and three trips from New York City in the afternoon and evening. A 3 p.m. departure from Ithaca Saturdays and Sundays is no longer offered.

"The C2C program has made a major contribution to my lab effort, with students, postdocs and professional staff in both Ithaca and New York City. The enhanced schedule and the connections it will enable are good news indeed," said Robin Davisson, professor of biomedical sciences, who has laboratories at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Weill Cornell Medical College.

"This is really great news that will have a major positive impact on intercampus collaborations," said Dr. Caren Heller, associate dean for intercampus and industry initiatives, and assistant professor of public health at Weill Cornell Medical College. "We have many programs that will benefit from easier campus connections. There is so much that can be accomplished between faculty on both campuses, and face-to-face communications can often make the difference for a successful collaboration to take off."

For the C2C schedule and online reservation system, visit or call 607-254-TRIP (8747).


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