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ISS awards grants to social scientists

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John Carberry

The Institute for the Social Sciences (ISS) has announced the recipients of its biannual small-grant awards for interdisciplinary research and conference support.

The spring 2011 recipients and their projects are:

  • James Berry, economics, "Clean Water, Health and the Market Mechanism: How Effective Is the Market at Allocating Health Goods?";
  • Aaron Bodoh-Creed, economics, "Can Subjects Play Equilibria of Purified Games?";
  • Richard Depue, human development, "Psychobiology of the Formation of Social Bonds";
  • Shelley Feldman, development sociology, "Refiguring Village Studies: New Approaches to Agrarian Change in South Asia";
  • Magnus Fiskesj√∂, anthropology, "Rice and Language Across Asia: Crops, Movement and Social Change";
  • Geri Gay, communication, "Developing Computational Supports for Frame Reflection";
  • Michael Goldstein, psychology, "Family Dynamics and Aong Learning in the Zebra Finch: A New Model for Understanding Social Influences on the Development of Communication";
  • Kevin Hallock, labor economics and HR studies, "Considering Compensation: an Interdisciplinary Research Conference for New Scholars";
  • Peng (Peter) Liu, hotel, "Commodity Prices in the Presence of Long-run Economic Relationships";
  • Corinna Loeckenhoff, human development, "Age and Intertemporal Choice Among Aversive Experiences";
  • Keith Porter, law, "Gas Drilling, Sustainability and Energy Policy: Searching for Common Ground";
  • Camille Robcis, history, Institutional Psychotherapy and the Reaction Against 'Concentrationism'";
  • John Sipple, education, "The State of Upstate New York Conference: Resiliency, Partnerships and Innovation";
  • Richard Swedberg, sociology, "How to Theorize in Sociology and Social Science";
  • Sharon Tennyson, policy analysis and management, "Credit Card Reforms and Consumers' Use of Credit Cards,"
  • Robert Travers, history, "An Empire of Complaints: Petitions, Rights and Justice in 18th-Century India"; and
  • Maureen Waller, policy analysis and management, "Child Custody Decisions in Disadvantaged Families: A Pilot Study."

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