Grant will help arXiv e-print management go worldwide

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Blaine Friedlander

The online arXiv, a free scientific repository that has revolutionized the way scientists share information, is on its way to becoming a worldwide organization.

The Simons Foundation has provided a $60,000 planning grant to develop a structure through which universities and other institutions that benefit from and support the arXiv can participate in its governance.

The arXiv allows scientists to share "preprints" of their research before publication. The repository now boasts 700,000 articles, a million downloads a week and hundreds of thousands of contributors.

Paul Ginsparg, professor of physics and information science, launched the service while working at Los Alamos National Laboratory and brought it with him when he joined Cornell in 2001. It is now is maintained by Cornell University Library with an annual budget of $400,000. In January 2010 the library invited institutions that benefit most to contribute to its support. So far 129 institutions in 16 countries have pledged support totaling $382,000.

"The arXiv has dramatically improved the ease of communication in many areas of physics and mathematics. In my own work I consult it daily," said David Eisenbud, director of mathematics and the physical sciences at the Simons Foundation. "We are proud to be able to help it in the search for a stable funding model that will involve the whole scholarly community."

The new structure is expected to take shape by April 2012.

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