Perkins Prize applications accepted through Feb. 22

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Applications are being accepted through Feb. 22 for the 2013 James A. Perkins Prize for Interracial Understanding and Harmony, established by Cornell trustee Thomas W. Jones '69 in 1995. The annual prize recognizes the Cornell student, professor, staff or program making the most significant contribution to furthering the ideal of university community while respecting the values of racial diversity.

The 2013 Perkins Prize will be presented by President David Skorton on March 6. The winner receives a $5,000 award.

Three criteria will be used to select the professor, student, administrator or program that will receive the prize.

• the number and diversity of students participating in a sustained level of involvement, which leads to a set of accomplishments;

• the extent to which these accomplishments promote common values and shared community standards among diverse students; and

• the extent to which these accomplishments enhance the abilities of students to work with, live with, and learn from individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs, and cultural perspectives.

All Cornell students, faculty and staff members are invited to apply for the award.

Application forms are < GuidelinesApplication-Form.cfm> available online. Questions can be directed to Christine Forester, <>.

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