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Commencement 2013 by the numbers

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John Carberry
Sign for Cornell commencement parking.
Blaine Friedlander/Cornell Chronicle
Everywhere a sign. About 570 directional and informational signs will be placed around campus and Ithaca for Graduation Weekend.

Undergraduate students graduating: 3,600

Graduate School graduates: 1,700

Law graduates: 276

Johnson graduates: 513

Veterinary medicine graduates: 89

Fully inflated examination gloves the new DVMs will wave at Commencement: 89

Weill Cornell Medical College graduates in New York City, M.D.s: 94

Weill Cornell Medical College graduates in New York City, Ph.D./M.A.s: 143

Weill Cornell Medical College graduates in Qatar, M.D.s: 35

Schoellkopf Stadium capacity in the Crescent and the west stands: 29,432

Commencement field seating for graduates, faculty, music groups, mobility impaired and official dignitaries: 8,000

Length of time to set and space the chairs on the field: 12 hours

Minutes for the procession to fully enter Schoellkopf Stadium and to seat 5,600 students, faculty and trustees on the field: 55

Number of directional and informational signs around campus and Ithaca: 570

For ongoing coverage of Commencement weekend, including information and announcements, follow #Cornell13 on Twitter.

Number of sign setup crews: 9

Printed programs distributed at Commencement: 24,560

Volunteer ushers: 300

Spaces at major campus parking lots available at Commencement: 2,250

Parking spaces available for mobility impaired: 775

TCAT buses deployed at Commencement: 20

Average TCAT bus capacity: 68

Riders using TCAT’s Commencement shuttle buses (2012): 16,524

In accordance with university tradition and to guard against the possibility of weekend rain, the number of Cornell Commencement Committee leaders who will wash their car this week: zero

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Blaine Friedlander