Peng Chen receives chemical society early career award

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Syl Kacapyr
Peng Chen

Peng Chen, Cornell’s Peter J.W. Debye Professor of Chemistry, has received a 2014 early career award in experimental physical chemistry from the Physical Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Chen was cited for “his use of single-molecule fluorescence imaging that pushes the frontiers of our understanding of the spatiotemporal catalytic properties of single nanoparticles.”

Chen’s lab develops single-molecule microscopy techniques to solve scientific problems of physical, bioinorganic and biophysical natures. Projects include study of the catalytic, electrocatalytic and photocatalytic properties of nanoscale particles; and of the functions and dynamics of protein machineries for intracellular metal regulation and trafficking both in vitro and in vivo.

Chen will present an award lecture during the national ACS meeting in San Francisco, Aug. 10-14.

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