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Library, CIT launch new Net-Print system for campus printers

A new-and-improved Net-Print system will launch in January for campus printers that will reduce paper waste, save users’ time and allow greater flexibility for future improvements.

The changes will affect everyone who uses Net-Print printers at all CIT Academic Technology labs and in libraries, and will require those who print from laptops or personal workstations to download new software. The free software will be available Jan. 10, 2017, from After that date Net-Print users won’t be able to print unless they have installed the new software and printer queues.

All CIT labs, library printers and printers in the Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives and ILR labs – around half of the 180 campus printers that use Net-Print – will now also feature card readers, permitting users to scan their ID cards directly at printers to release their print jobs. Users will begin print jobs on their laptops, and when they’re ready, walk to an available printer and scan their ID cards to complete printing.

The new system is already in use on the College of Architecture, Art and Planning’s black-and-white and color printers, as well as high-volume plotters, where paper waste has fallen more than 20 percent. The software behind the Net-Print system is also in wide use in schools and universities around the world.

“We’re excited about the new enhancements to Net-Print, which will save users time because they can choose available printers rather than waiting for busy printers. It should reduce the number of print jobs abandoned by users who don’t have time to wait,” said David Lifka, Cornell vice president for information technologies and chief information officer.

Print jobs will no longer include watermarks – black NetID markers in the top left corner – or cover sheets. Printouts will now have no user identification, since the card-scan system improves document security. Users will also manage their accounts and view printing history from a new webpage.

All user account information, including bursar, course, department and cash balances, automatically will be transferred to the new system Jan. 10.

Melanie Lefkowitz is staff writer, editor and social media coordinator for Cornell University Library.

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