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Stress-busting Cornell Companions visit ILR students

ILR School students were treated to a lunchtime study break featuring games, prizes, jigsaw puzzles, food and a relaxed atmosphere made even more welcoming by four Cornell Companions Dec. 4.

A serene greyhound, an enthusiastic golden retriever and a massive but gentle Newfoundland also mingled with dozens of students.

One of the most popular dogs was Peony, who scampered from student to student in the two Ives Hall rooms where the ILR Student Experience Team hosted the event.

Susan Wolf, owner of the little fluff ball, said, “Peony is very sociable and so the more experience that she has, the more that she is able to cope with different situations. She is going to be a service dog, so this only helps her be able to adapt.”

Jamie Morgenstern ’18, co-president of the ILR Student Government Association, said, “This was a great opportunity to be able to de-stress before exams. It was a lot of fun being able to play games, eat food and play with dogs.”

-  David Ticzon ’18

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