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Diversity and inclusion courses help managers build healthy cultures

As today’s headlines prove, an inclusive work environment is not just a nice-to-have – it can make or break a company.

Engaged employees, a diverse workforce and an inclusive climate provide organizations with a competitive advantage. Recognizing the need for companies to understand the complex dynamics underlying diversity challenges and opportunities within their organizations, Cornell has launched two new online diversity and inclusion certificate programs.

Available online through eCornell, learners can choose from a program designed for HR professionals and a track for managers in any part of the organization. The programs teach learners critical strategies to help their teams increase employee engagement, counter unconscious bias and build a more inclusive work environment.

“An organization is only as good as its culture – and every manager and HR leader is responsible for culture,” said Lisa Nishii, associate professor of human resources at Cornell’s ILR School. Nishii authored the program.

“It goes without saying that organizations today must move beyond mere compliance and focus on constructing a work culture that promotes inclusion,” Nishii said. “The problem is, despite the ubiquity of the term ‘inclusion,’ its definition and implementation often remain murky. This set of courses is designed to train workplace professionals to decode unconscious bias and how it affects employees, and to design work practices and norms that more effectively leverage the potential among all employees.”

Courses include Improving Engagement, Counteracting Unconscious Bias, Diversity and Inclusion in Practice, and Fostering an Inclusive Climate.

Upon successful completion of all four courses, learners earn a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from the ILR School.

- Kristi Gaylord

Media Contact

Lindsey Hadlock