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Certificate program teaches critical thinking, problem solving

Risa Mish

Critical thinking consistently ranks high on employers’ lists of must-have hiring qualifications. Yet a recent study revealed that nearly half rated their employees’ critical thinking skills as average or below average.

Recognizing the need for a workforce that possesses a disciplined, systematic approach to problem solving, Cornell has launched a new certificate program in Critical Thinking. Available online through eCornell, this program will help learners develop skills to analyze problems deeply, assess possible solutions and understand associated risks.

“Critically thoughtful problem-solving is both a discipline and a skill – one that helps teams and organizations thrive,” said Risa Mish, Cornell professor of practice, who designed the program’s core course. “The Critical Thinking certificate program is designed to better align learners’ skills with those desired by their current and future employers.”

The Critical Thinking certificate program will equip learners to tackle decisions large or small, make compelling business cases, apply influence in their organizations, analyze solutions from multiple perspectives and establish responsibilities and accountabilities to ensure effective follow-through.

Courses include:

● Solve Problems Using Evidence and Critical Thinking

● Make a Convincing Case for Your Solution

● Strategic Decision-Making

● Navigating Power Relationships

● Interpreting the Behavior of Others

● Applying Strategic Influence

Upon successful completion of all six courses, learners earn a Critical Thinking certificate from the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business.

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