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Certificate program teaches data-driven decision-making

Donna Haeger

Most organizations today are awash with data, but often struggle to make sense of it. The ability to analyze data to make informed business decisions is an essential skill for employees in virtually every industry. Analysts are in high demand and data analysis is fast becoming part of many jobs.

To prepare professionals to frame problems, create comparisons, forecast outcomes and make predictions, Cornell has launched a new online Business Analytics certificate program through eCornell. This program helps learners use Excel’s spreadsheet modeling to organize, analyze and visualize data. Learners will develop skills to answer critical business questions in ways stakeholders and executives can easily understand.

“Business problems need solutions based on data, not intuition,” said Dyson School Professor of Practice Donna Haeger, who developed the program based her popular on-campus course in spreadsheet modeling. “The business analytics certificate program prepares learners to translate an abundance of data into meaningful insights that businesses need to fuel their decisions.”

For analysts and entrepreneurs, as well as managers and executives responsible for financial or functional reporting, the program will demystify the concepts of business analytics and help them develop a skill set that will make them invaluable to any team.

Upon completion of the Business Analytics certificate program, learners can leverage their new skill sets in the workplace by using data-cleaning methods to improve accuracy and managing data using Excel’s math and logic capabilities. Courses include:

· Getting Started with Spreadsheet Modeling and Business Analytics

· Harvesting Spreadsheet Data

· Visualizing and Communicating Insights Using Excel

· Making Predictions and Forecasts with Data

· Using Prescriptive Analytics in Excel

· Creating and Sharing Interactive Data Models

Upon successful completion of all six courses, learners earn a Business Analytics Certificate from the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business.

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