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CIT staff celebrated for years of service

Celebrating years of service at Cornell were, left to right, Cornell staffers: Dennis Frederick (30 years); Mike Patten (30); Steve Barrett (30); Kevin Feeney (25); Martin Berggren (30); Tom Theimer (30); Mike Allinger (30); and Eric “Doc” Nobel (25). Not present in the photograph: Mike Ferdinando (25); Shawn Walker (25); M Scott Walters (25); Scott Sheavly (30); and Rick Cochran (45).

Approximately 150 staff from Cornell Information Technologies (CIT) joined David Lifka, vice president for information technologies and chief information officer, to recognize colleagues who have been Cornell employees for five or more years.

The celebration took place Sept. 13 in Room G10 of the Biotechnology Building. Carl Moravec and Mariann Carpenter led in years of service, having been with Cornell for 49 and 48 years, respectively. Another 13 staffers celebrated a fifth-year anniversary of 25 or more years of service.

Recognized for their fifth-year anniversaries were:

  • Celebrating 45 years: Rich Cochran;
  • Celebrating 30 years: Mike Allinger, Steve Barrett, Martin Berggren, Dennis Frederick, Mike Patten, Scott Sheavly and Tom Theimer;
  • Celebrating 25 years: Kevin Feeney, Mike Ferdinando, Eric “Doc” Nobel, Shawn Walker and M Scott Walters;
  • Celebrating 20 years: Neil Belcher, Tem Calfee, Jay Hulslander, Jan Kossowski and Todd Olson;
  • Celebrating 15 years: Ken Friedman, Susan Li, Nicole Rawleigh, Tom Sessler and Jim Yang;
  • Celebrating 10 years: Rick Barry, Chad Bower, Eric Cronise, Hugh Edwards, Nick Gargan, Kenton Hensley, Ryann Levo, Christina Seymour, Nazrin Tingstrom and Mindy Ziembiec; and
  • Celebrating five years: Jessica Doolittle and Rebecca Joffrey.

All were presented with a certificate and thanked for their dedication and commitment.

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