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Speaker series looks at contemporary Japanese thought

The Contemporary Japanese Thought Initiative speaker series kicked off Oct. 18 with William Marotti, professor of Japanese history and chair of East Asian studies at the University of California, Los Angeles, speaking on “Violence, Glue-sniffing, Liberation: 1968 Japan.”

On Oct. 22, Thomas Lamarre (McGill University) will give a talk on the production and reception of new media in East Asia, which he calls “affective media geographies.” The talk is cosponsored by the Central New York Humanities Corridor.

Another speaker series, East-Asia-Latin-America, focusing on connections between Asia and Latin America, launches Nov. 15 with a talk by Verónica Kim (University of Pittsburgh), cosponsored by the Latin American Studies Program.

The East Asia Program’s (EAP) initiative on contemporary Japanese thought is led by Pedro Erber, EAP director and associate professor of Romance studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. “East Asia occupies an increasingly central position in the global political landscape, which the old model of U.S.-centric area studies is unable to address,” said Erber. “We at the East Asia Program look forward to the challenges this new moment presents.”

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