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ILR School’s Litwin awarded Fulbright scholarship

Associate professor Adam Seth Litwin recently received a Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program grant, allowing him to serve as the J. William Fulbright Visiting Professor of Work and Organizational studies at the University of Sydney in Australia.

Execs: Consumers pushing companies toward sustainability

To address social and environmental concerns, consumer pressure is driving companies toward a greener corporate landscape more than ever before.

Video game experience or gender may improve VR learning, study finds

Students who used immersive virtual reality did not learn significantly better than those who used two more traditional forms of learning, a new Cornell study has found.

Campus community donates essential medical supplies

As hospitals across the country try to manage a surge in coronavirus patients while also facing a global shortage in the protective gear needed to treat them, the Cornell community has banded together to donate crucial medical supplies to local health care providers.

Cornell history course adds spring 2020 to the archives

Corey Earle ’07, instructor of The First American University course, is offering his students a new assignment: the chance to contribute to the Cornell archives by writing about their experiences during the coronavirus pandemic.


Lack of media skepticism tied to belief in rape myths

People who tend to recognize similarities between people they know and people depicted in the media are more likely to believe common myths about sexual assault, according to Cornell research.

Students sketch Ossining’s budding waterfront ideas

Cornell graduate students studying landscape architecture examined Ossining, New York – a town on the rising Hudson River last fall, and presented ideas for climate-change adaptation.

Book retrieval effort gives grad student welcome relief

Doctoral student Benedetta Luciana Sara Carnaghi didn’t have to wait long to retrieve her research material and continue her work, thanks to a double-time effort by Cornell University Library staff.

Professors to field food industry COVID-19 queries

Three Cornell food science professors will hold special online “office hours” on March 23 at 4 p.m. to answer questions from food industry representatives on the burgeoning COVID-19 crisis.


Cornell-discovered shrimp makes 2019 top 10, but not for taste

James Morin, professor emeritus, co-discovered a new species of Caribbean ostracod nicknamed the “Star of the Sea” seed shrimp, which uses its bioluminescence as both a defense mechanism and for courtship.

Translation opens a thriving world of Chinese poetry

Nick Admussen, associate professor of Asian studies in the College of Arts and Sciences, has translated into English selections of Ya Shi’s poetry in the newly published “Floral Mutter.”

Two COVID-19 cases confirmed within Cornell community

Cornell President Martha E. Pollack confirmed on March 20 that two members of the Ithaca campus community have tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus.