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Chaotic electrons heed ‘limit’ in strange metals

A new Cornell-led study confirms the chaotic behavior of electrons in “strange” metals has a limit established by the laws of quantum mechanics.

Dog DNA startup announces $75M in venture funding

Embark Veterinary, Inc. – a canine genetics startup company that graduated from Cornell’s McGovern Center incubator in late 2017 – announced $75 million in venture funding on July 26.

Religious have fewer children in secular countries

A country’s values, norms and policies influence fertility rates, particularly among the religious, according to a new study by sociologist Landon Schnabel.

Spotted lanternfly spreading in New York state

The spotted lanternfly – an invasive, destructive pest with a wide range of hosts including grapes, apples, hops, maple and walnut – has spread to a growing number of counties in New York state.

Hemp goes ‘hot’ due to genetics, not environmental stress

A new Cornell study debunks misinformation on websites and in news articles that claim that environmental or biological stresses – such as flooding or disease – cause an increase in THC production in hemp plants.

Indian women’s nutrition suffered during COVID-19 lockdown

The 2020 nationwide lockdown India imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic caused disruptions that negatively impacted women’s nutrition, according to a new study from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition.

New insights on flowering could boost cassava crops

Two new publications examining cassava flowering reveal insights into the genetic and environmental factors underpinning one of the world’s most critical food security crops.

Sustainability tips help staff take action

The Campus Sustainability Office and campus-wide Green Teams have launched a 'tip of the month' campaign to help staff identify easy ways to make the workplace more sustainable. 

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Engineers may learn from bees for optimal honeycomb designs

Honeybees are skilled architects who plan ahead and solve design challenges when constructing honeycombs, offering strategies that engineers may learn from when they use honeycomb structures in industry.  

Mish and Lai win initial graduate, professional teaching prize

Professors Risa Mish and Dong Lai have won Cornell’s inaugural Provost Award for Teaching Excellence in Graduate and Professional Degree Programs.

BioEntrepreneurship program to fuel NYS life science startups

The Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management is announcing a new BioEntrepreneurship Initiative to connect MBA students and life science researchers to life science companies in NYS while catalyzing the formation of new life science startups.

Human Ecology welcomes eight new faculty members

The College of Human Ecology welcomes eight new faculty members this year whose work addresses race, ethnicity, and the nature, persistence and consequences of inequality – under a college-wide faculty cohort hiring initiative called Pathways to Social Justice.

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