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Scientists identify new pathogen in NY apples

In a study of New York state apple orchards, Cornell plant pathologists have identified a new fungal pathogen that causes bitter rot disease in apples. 

Cornell leaders provide update on university finances

President Pollack and Provost Kotlikoff announced new measures to address the predicted budget deficit, including increasing the endowment payout rate and shifting philanthropy efforts from endowment to current use.

Engineering blog highlights student learning experiences

A new blog from Cornell Engineering, the ELI edublog, offers a window into how the college is enacting evidence-based, student-centered practices to support hundreds of undergraduates.


New test offers clarity for couples struggling to conceive

A new male fertility test based on Cornell research could help predict which men might need treatment and which couples might have success with different forms of assisted reproduction.

Research reflects how AI sees through the looking glass

A team of Cornell researchers used AI to investigate what sets originals apart from their reflections, and their algorithms learned to pick up unexpected clues.

Pandemic injects new urgency into coronavirus collaborations

Susan Daniel and Gary Whittaker discuss their collaborations and others across Cornell’s campuses that are working to better understand the COVID-19 virus.


Greg Page: cultivating art in the global backyard

Greg Page’s fascination with nature has informed his 40-year career as an artist and associate professor of art. Prints made with plants he’s collected from around the world make up his final faculty show.

Cornell Atkinson awards $1.1M to innovative projects

Cornell Atkinson has awarded seven Academic Venture Fund seed grants, totaling $1.1 million, for projects that engage faculty from eight Cornell colleges and 16 academic departments.

Tudorita Tumbar receives Humboldt Research Award

Tudorita Tumbar, professor of molecular biology and genetics, has received a Humboldt Research Award in recognition of academic excellence in molecular biology.

Gender gaps in STEM college majors emerge in high school

New research shows that in U.S. higher education, women are more likely than men to enter and complete college, but they are less likely to earn degrees in STEM fields.

Coffman highlights Cornell efforts to protect wheat worldwide

In a keynote address June 25, Ronnie Coffman described how Cornell efforts coordinating a global response to a wheat pathogen averted a global food disaster and continues to safeguard wheat around the world.

Cornell targets next spring for ’20, ’21 Commencements

A revised academic calendar anticipates Commencement ceremonies on back-to-back weekends next spring, including one for the Class of 2020, whose planned celebration this May was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.