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Cornell Day of Data to focus on research collaboration

The annual Cornell Day of Data, this year a two-day virtual event, Jan. 27-28, brings together professors, researchers and students from across the university to share techniques, tools and insights in working with data.

Early breeding reduced harmful mutations in sorghum

A new study found that harmful mutations in sorghum landraces – early domesticated crops – decreased compared to their wild relatives through the course of domestication and breeding.

Proteins unspool DNA so cells can take on unique properties

New research reveals how proteins, called “pioneer transcription factors,” help turn on key genes that give cell types their unique properties and functions.

Ultrawide bandgap gives material high-power potential

A Cornell collaboration has found a way to grow a single crystalline layer of alpha-aluminum gallium oxide that has the widest energy bandgap to date – a discovery that clears the way for new semiconductors that will handle higher voltages, higher power densities and higher frequencies than previously seen.

‘Apple Commons’ licks ice cream contest competition

“Apple Commons” won Cornell’s annual ice cream development contest, where students created six original flavors as a class final project.

Appearance, social norms keep students off Zoom cameras

Establishing camera use as the norm, explaining the reasons that cameras improve the class and employing active learning techniques could help improve students’ use of cameras during online classes, a new Cornell study suggests.

Soup & Hope speaker series returns Feb. 4

The 14th annual Soup & Hope speaker series – this year on Zoom – is open to the public and features speakers and stories of hope. The series’ six talks will be on Thursdays through April 8, all beginning at 12:15 p.m.

ILR study tests why internal hires outperform external hires

High-performing internal hires are likely to stay with the organization while high-performing external hires leave more often, according to research by ILR Assistant Professor Ben A. Rissing and Alan Benson ’07.

Around Cornell

President Pollack reflects on legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

President Martha E. Pollack says Cornell remains committed to living up to its founding ideals as she reflects on the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

UK variant identified in Tompkins County

The Tompkins County Health Department alerted the local community that B.1.1.7, the new, highly contagious “UK variant” of COVID-19, has been identified in Tompkins County.

Cornell to help train state’s pioneering public health corps

Cornell is partnering with New York state and Northwell Health System to develop and train the nation’s first state public health corps, which will support COVID-19 vaccination and improve long-term public health outcomes.

Institute breaks record in 2020, making laws easy to access

Cornell Law School’s Legal Information Institute, a pioneer in providing open access to U.S. legal information online, welcomed more than 39 million unique visitors to its website during a year of major headlines.