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Humanities students share wide variety of research in spring event

More than 30 students who have conducted research will present their work in a virtual conference May 6-7. One panel investigates the ideas of Goldwin Smith, while other presentations focus on migrant workers in Singapore, political violence in Africa and other topics.

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‘Iberian Moorings’ compares Muslim and Jewish golden ages

In his new book “Iberian Moorings,” professor Ross Brann compares the histories of the Jewish and Muslim traditions in the Iberian Peninsula between the tenth and thirteenth centuries, tracing how Islamic al-Andalus and Jewish Sefarad were invested with special political, cultural and historical significance across the Middle Ages.

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Ugandan breeders use genomic selection to boost health and satisfy customers

Ugandan plant breeders with the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement are using genomic selection to increase micronutrients and decrease cooking time in common beans.

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Graduates to be allowed two guests at commencement

Cornell President Martha E. Pollack announced April 30 that due to changing New York state regulations, graduates will be given two tickets for guests at this year’s commencement.

Africana Library exhibit explores MLK’s labor activism

Exhibit features MLK's ties to labor movement 

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Study highlights promise of 3D printing for electrochemical reactors

A Cornell Engineering-led study highlights the benefits of using 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, to significantly improve cost, yield and efficiency of electrochemical reactors.

Human behavior must be factored into climate change analyses

A new Cornell-led study examines how temperature affects fishing behavior and catches among inland fisher households in Cambodia, with important implications for understanding climate change. 

Pioneering an inclusive approach to priority setting in crop improvement

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Crop Improvement provides global thought leadership on how plant breeders can challenge their assumptions, perform engaged research and  prioritize their impact through crop improvement.

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Sarah Evanega: Using science communication to combat misperceptions

As a plant biologist, science communicator and director of the Cornell Alliance for Science, Evanega promotes evidence-informed decision making in agriculture.

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Big Red Bun inspires community, promotes well-being

An Instagram account for Finn the bunny has become a source for Cornellians worldwide to follow his adventures on campus and find messages in support of COVID-19 safety and mental health and well-being.

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ILR announces McPherson Honors and awards

The ILR School honored student, faculty and staff  award winners on Thursday night via Zoom presentation.

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Community effort propels Cornell past millionth test

Cornell has administered 1 million COVID-19 tests, a milestone that symbolizes the collective work of hundreds of Cornellians, who worked overtime and engaged in duties outside of their regular jobs to protect lives.