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Trace gas phosphine points to volcanic activity on Venus

Cornell astronomers say the detection of phosphine in the atmosphere of Venus shows evidence of explosive volcanoes on the mysterious planet.

Plant pathologist Ken Horst dies at 85

Horst, professor emeritus of plant pathology who was best known for his research on diseases of ornamental crops, died June 9 in Ithaca.

Money talks: Wealthy ‘hijack’ agenda to gain policy influence

Analyzing more than 20 years of floor speeches by members of Congress, a new book co-authored by Peter K. Enns, professor in the Department of Government, explains why corporate and wealthy interests dominate the national economic agenda.

Kevin Jensen named executive director of financial aid

Jensen, who is committed to advancing diversity, will lead the team that awards hundreds of millions of dollars annually in support of Cornell’s need-blind admission and affordability policies.

Transportation innovations could boost public health

A Cornell-led team has used transdisciplinary systems modeling to calculate the future health benefits of vehicle electrification, driverless cars and ride-sharing in the United States.

Law professor offers international human rights course

International Human Rights in Theory and Practice, taught this summer by Cornell Law School Clinical Professor of Law Elizabeth Brundige, invites students to think critically about international human rights.

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Radio interview profiles non-profits serving individuals with developmental disabilities

Challenge-Mozaic CEO Allen Connely discusses the recent alliance between the two non-profits to better serve individuals with developmental disabilities and other barriers.

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Research partnership supports NYS families fighting opioids

A grant extension will continue work by a team of Cornell researchers and community partners to reduce the risk of opioid abuse for low-income youth and families.

Satellite monitoring documents cultural heritage at risk

Cornell researchers are using satellite imagery to protect endangered and damaged cultural heritage in the South Caucasus, where an ethnic conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has raged for decades.

NSF funds work on flagging bad online behavior

Members of the Prosocial Project have received a four-year, $1.19 million grant from the National Science Foundation for work on understanding the emergence and maintenance of norms to deter negative online behavior.

To better protect food, place rodent traps near warmth, shelter

Food distribution centers can protect the food supply more effectively by setting traps near features that attract rodents, rather than a set distance apart, a new Cornell-led study found.

ILR perspective informing reform in India

Visiting faculty member Dr. Ramaswami "Balu" Balasubramaniam applies his reform work in India to his teaching at ILR.

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