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Maize, not metal, key to native settlements’ history in NY

New research is clarifying the historical timeline for the dates of occupation at four Native American settlements in New York’s Mohawk Valley.

Muscle stem cells compiled in ‘atlas’

A Cornell research team led by Ben Cosgrove used a new cellular profiling technology to probe and catalog in a “muscle regeneration atlas,” the activity of almost every possible kind of stem cell involved in muscle repair.

Live webcast to explore value of successful coaching

On March 12, Professor Angela Noble-Grange from the Johnson Graduate School of Management will present a live webcast “Coaching: How to Focus Your Ambitions and Become Your Best Self.”


Yunyun Wang ’20 awarded national fellowship

Yunyun Wang ’20, a double major in the College of Arts and Sciences and in the College of Engineering, has been named a Newman Civic Fellow by Campus Compact, a national coalition committed to the public purposes of higher education.

Bumblebees hate pumpkin pollen, which may help pumpkins

A new study finds that squash and pumpkin pollen have physical, nutritional and chemical defense qualities that are harmful to bumblebees.

Cornell custodians embrace low-odor cleaning products

Over the next several weeks, Cornell’s nearly 400 custodians will learn how to use state-of-the-art, low-odor floor cleaning products.

Lioness’ surgery at Cornell is roaring success

At the Cornell University Hospital for Animals, Ntsumi the white African lioness was diagnosed with an intestinal mass that veterinarians surgically removed.

Researchers map protein motion

Cornell structural biologists took a new approach to using a classic method of X-ray analysis to capture something the conventional method had never accounted for: the collective motion of proteins.

Machine learning illuminates material's hidden order

A Cornell collaboration led by physicist Brad Ramshaw used a combination of ultrasound and machine learning to narrow the possible explanations for what happens to uranium ruthenium silicide when it transitions into a “hidden order.”

Coronavirus update: Enhanced policies for international travel, campus events

Cornell announced enhanced international travel and event policies, approved by President Martha E. Pollack, including guidance for the upcoming spring break.

Things to Do, March 6-13, 2020

Events this week include film screenings and talks with “American Psycho” screenwriter Guinevere Turner; a reading by M. Evelina Galang; and Irish band Lúnasa as part of the Cornell Concert Series.

Summit celebrates women of Cornell Law

Hosted by the Mary Kennedy Brown Society, the March 13 summit in New York City will focus on entrepreneurship, leadership, networking and advocacy.