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Study explores how multiple organs end up the same size

New research that looked at the development of Arabidopsis flowers addressed the fundamental question of how two or more organs or plant parts grow to the same size and shape, which is essential for proper function.

Cornellian’s dairy waste startup wins NSF Phase II funding

Capro-X, a startup that repurposes dairy waste and began in Cornell Engineering’s Commercialization Fellows program, has received a $724,000 National Science Foundation Phase II award.

National tick surveillance survey identifies gaps to be filled

New Cornell-led research shows that inadequate funding is the main barrier to better surveillance and control of ticks, including the blacklegged tick, which spreads Lyme disease, the No. 1 vector-borne illness in the country.

American Democracy Collaborative launches webinar series

Recent global and national events have deepened what was already a looming crisis for American democracy. A webinar, “The Protests and US Democracy,” will examine the effect.

Ankle monitors could stigmatize wearers, research says

Electronic ankle monitors are bulky and difficult to conceal, displaying their wearers’ potential involvement with the justice system for all to see, according to new Cornell research.

New video engages public in cosmic exploration

Lockdown has not prevented CCAT-prime researchers from public engagement and education or from continuing telescope fabrication, as shown by the first behind-the-scene images of the telescope fabrication, which has not paused despite COVID-19.


Atkinson, EDF to fund Cornell-led sustainability projects

Through a partnership between the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability and EDF, four Cornell faculty members have received new grants for regional sustainability projects with global implications.

Student groups come together to support black lives

Cornell undergraduates have formed a broad coalition of student organizations to amplify black voices on campus, and promote activism and education to fight explicit and implicit racism.

Short stays in solitary can increase recidivism, unemployment

Research co-authored by Chris Wildeman, professor of policy analysis and management, compared the outcomes of Danish inmates who were or were not placed in disciplinary isolation after committing similar infractions.

New book explores intertwined histories of Islam and Asia

In a new book, Asian studies professor Chiara Formichi explores the ways Islam and Asia have shaped each other’s histories, societies and cultures from the seventh century to today.

New Engaged Research Grants awarded to 14 partnerships

Fourteen teams of faculty and community partners have received Engaged Research Grants from the Office of Engagement Initiatives to increase undergraduate involvement in research.

Collaboration yields more summer distance-learning options

Students will have more opportunities to pursue their educational goals this summer thanks to a collaboration between Cornell faculty, the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions, and eCornell.