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Cornell Outdoor Education expands student access

Jay and Julie Carter, both Cornell Class of 1971, wanted to help make Cornell Outdoor Education courses more accessible. They established the David Moriah Endowment, named for their friend and founder of COE David Moriah ’72.


Pollack outlines new initiatives to promote racial justice

President Martha E. Pollack announced a series of initiatives that take a holistic approach to “move us toward a more just and equitable Cornell.”

Project to investigate digital ag’s impacts on rural America

A team of Cornell researchers is exploring how digital agriculture could affect small and midsized farms, as well as its likely effect on the environment.

New book explores maps as tools of political power

Maps are more than two-dimensional representations of three-dimensional terrain – they are also powerful political tools to control territory, as sociologist Christine Leuenberger explains in her new book.

Luce award will boost Southeast Asia grad studies

Cornell’s Southeast Asia Program has received a four-year, $275,000 Luce Foundation grant to strengthen graduate education in the field, working with National Resource Centers across the country.

Duguid to guide SC Johnson College’s diversity efforts

At a pivotal moment of racial reckoning in American society, Michelle M. Duguid, M.S. ’05, Ph.D. ’08, is the new associate dean for diversity, inclusion and belonging.the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business.

Zero hunger in India is possible with diverse food system

A new report from the Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition, has mapped opportunities for India to reduce hunger and improve overall nutrition by reorienting its agricultural policies in favor of more nutritious foods.

Chow hounds: Dog food trials soothe gastrointestinal illness

Buddy, a 13-year old briard rescue dog, is one of three dozen dogs in an ongoing study on treating persistent gastrointestinal problems with changes in their diets. The results so far have been remarkable.

Student COVID-19 testing gets underway

Vice Provost for Academic Integration Gary Koretzky and Vice President for Student and Campus Life Ryan Lombardi outlined Cornell’s policy for student testing, which begins July 16.

Leaders react to rescission of ICE visa restrictions

President Martha E. Pollack and Vice Provost for International Affairs Wendy Wolford thanked students, faculty and staff for the outpouring of support for Cornell’s international students.

Study finds hidden emotions in the sound of words

In the midst of COVID-19, it’s common to feel stress levels rise when we hear the word “virus.” But Cornell-led research reveals that the sound of the word itself was likely to cause stress – even before “corona.”

Kao weaves craft techniques with on-skin tech

New research pairs centuries-old craft techniques with cutting-edge technology to advance the research, design and fabrication of on-skin interfaces.