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This week in Cornell history

Carl A. Kroch Library
Carl A. Kroch Library opened Aug. 24.

Aug. 24, 1992 The Carl A. Kroch Library opens its doors. Named for pioneering bookseller Carl A. Kroch '35, the building was designed to store rare and fragile materials and houses the Divisions of Asia Collections and of Rare and Manuscript Collections. Its underground vault is one of the most secure facilities on the Ithaca campus, providing a safe home to treasures, from a copy of Shakespeare's First Folio to the Gettysburg Address written in Lincoln's own hand.

Aug. 25, 1939 "The Wizard of Oz" is released in theaters, with several Cornell connections. Author L. Frank Baum married Cornellian Maud Gage, Class of 1884, who dropped out to be with her husband, a traveling actor. Her brother, Clarkson, was a Class of 1872 Cornellian. Two Baum children attended Cornell: Frank Joslyn Baum, Class of 1905, and Robert Stanton Baum, Class of 1909. And the actor who played the wizard, Frank Morgan, Class of 1912, attended Cornell but did not graduate.