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MEDIA ALERT: Experts available on coronavirus

Cornell faculty members can speak about coronavirus from a variety of perspectives: the science and health implications of the disease, its impact on the global economy, labor and specialized industries, effects on countries around the world and the broader impact the crisis is having on our daily lives.

Cornell Media Relations Office is the university's representative to local, regional, national and international media organizations. Part of University Relations, Media Relations works across the university to connect faculty experts and thought leaders with print, broadcast and digital media.

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Expert Quotes

Featured Video

Jamila Michener, assistant professor of government in the College of Arts and Sciences at Cornell University, discusses COVID-19 and potential changes in the role of the federal government. The pandemic may prompt people to re-examine investments in institutions, such as the public health system, on which we now rely, she says.

In The News

"There's a general norm to be kinder to women, and so it just could be we're used to being kinder to women," says Vivian Zayas, associate professor of psychology, about a paper she recently published with Lily Jampol, PhD. in social psychology. 

"Infested ash trees are a very specific form of waste material; and our inability to contain the blight has made them so abundant that we can — and should develop strategies to use them as a material" says Sasha Zivkovic, assistant professor of architecture, about his and assistant professor of architecture Leslie Lok’s work on a sustainable cabin.

Coverage of a paper by Jack Madden, astronomy PhD., and Lisa Kaltenegger, associate professor of astronomy, that details new models of planetary color that will help astronomers determine if they’ve found a planet capable of harboring life.

“The general answer is ‘yes’,” says Elizabeth Bihn, professor of food science, about whether sharing food you make is safe.

“Such an approach will likely cement Chinese control over each of these contested areas, but also solidify opposition to such rule in a manner that will then generate further instability, and, cast a dark shadow over all of China in the years to come,” says Allen Carlson, associate professor of government. 

“It will be important to combine the eventual roll-out of the app with a public health campaign that educates the public about the tech features that guard against potential misuse of data,” says Sarah Kreps, professor of government and law.