MEDIA ALERT: Experts available on the UAW strike

Cornell labor experts are available to discuss multiple aspects of the United Auto Workers contract dispute as well as implications going forward.

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With Cornell’s help, an Amish farmer found financial stability growing shiitake mushrooms while an entrepreneur and a chef, both from China, launched a sauce made with the fungi.

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New Yorker

George Hay, professor of law, notes that Amazon has an advantage in this antitrust suit filed by the government, “Amazon has had years—at least since Lina Khan came to the F.T.C.—to think about this lawsuit and how they’re going to defend against it.”

The Guardian

Megan Greischar, assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, says, “Vaccines will not, on their own, meet the goal of malaria elimination, except perhaps in places like the US where transmission is already rare.”


Josh Twining, postdoctoral associate, examines the benefits of the Eurasian lynx being reintroduced to Ireland.


Edwin Cowen, professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, discusses the impact of flooding in New York City.

The New York Times

Ben Furnas, executive director of the 2030 Project, notes that there are strategies to direct the excess flood water away from sewer systems and waterways.

Inside Higher Ed

Details of a report out of the Center for Teaching and Learning that suggests instructors adopt one of three policies regarding AI use in the classroom—prohibit, allow with attribution, or encourage generative AI use.