Small stock trades can predict big market changes

Using a metric they developed, researchers have found that fractional trading is predictive of future market liquidity and volatility, suggesting an information content to tiny trades.

MEDIA ALERT: Experts available on congestion pricing

Cornell experts are available to discuss congestion pricing.

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Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse will compete in Paris in the summer of 2024 to help build a case for juggling as an Olympic sport.

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The New York Times

Dr. Rui Hai Liu, a professor of food science, discusses the fiber benefits in corn.

Associated Press

Sarah Kreps, professor of government and tech policy, explains that although other platforms have emerged, X remains a place where people go to make fast and consequential impact.


Joyce Van Eck, professor of plant science, talks about why children love goldenberries.

USA Today

A column written in 2000 by Mike Dorf, professor of law in the Cornell Law School, is cited in discussing whether President Obama can serve as vice president.

The Guardian

“He’s making a political calculation,” says Sarah Kreps, professor of government and public policy. “If he made this decision at another time, it would be a different story.”

Associated Press

“This is a function of the very homogenous technology that goes into the backbone of all of our IT infrastructure,” says Gregory Falco, assistant professor of engineering. “What really causes this mess is that we rely on very few companies, and everybody uses the same folks, so everyone goes down at the same time.”