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In a study lead by Cornell microbiology professor Ian Hewson, scientists have discovered that a parasite is behind a severe die-off of long-spined sea urchins across the Caribbean Sea, which has had devastating consequences for coral reefs and surrounding marine ecosystems. Read the article in the Cornell Chronicle.

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“It’s not that one piece of content is going to be devastating; it’s the collective, scaled approach to inauthenticity that’s the problem. People can do this at scale now. It can look like massive numbers of citizens are supporting a particular issue when they’re not,” says Sarah Kreps, professor of government.

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James Grimmelmann, professor of tech and IP law, appears on Bloomberg Law to discuss AI regulations.


Carlos Gonzalez Fischer, research associate in agri-food systems sustainability, discusses the urgent need to reduce methane emissions from livestock.



Article discusses the contributions of Cornell's Grapevine Breeding and Genetics Program to winemaking.

Los Angeles Times

Michael Dorf, professor of law, discusses the debt ceiling in this opinion essay.

National Geographic

Bruce Kornreich, director of the Feline Health Center, discusses Savannah cats which are exploding in popularity, and whose ownership is banned in certain states.