Small stock trades can predict big market changes

Using a metric they developed, researchers have found that fractional trading is predictive of future market liquidity and volatility, suggesting an information content to tiny trades.

MEDIA ALERT: Experts available on congestion pricing

Cornell experts are available to discuss congestion pricing.

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Jonah Botvinick-Greenhouse will compete in Paris in the summer of 2024 to help build a case for juggling as an Olympic sport.

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In order to meet regulatory standards, “you need super extensive testing… you need way longer trials than what we have now”, said Mario Herrero, professor of sustainable food systems and global change.

The New York Times

When it comes to Musk and X, “it’s pretty clear what his political views are, and now people can make a choice with more transparency and information on where they want to spend their time online,” said Sarah Kreps, professor of government and public policy.

The Wall Street Journal

“The Chinese economy is foundering,” said Eswar Prasad, professor of economics and international trade policy. More stimulus to pep up spending and economic overhauls to revive private-sector confidence in China are urgently needed, he said.

The New York Times

This article notes that Karl Pillemer, professor of psychology, conducted the first large-scale survey on estrangement finding 27 percent of respondents were estranged from a relative.

The Wall Street Journal

Kavita Bala, dean of the Cornell Ann S. Bowers College of Computing and Information Science, is quoted in this piece about universities – including Cornell – collaborating to invest in computing power and infrastructure that enhance the development of AI research.

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Gautam Hans, associate clinical professor and associate director of the First Amendment Clinic at Cornell Law School, predicts there will be at least “some state appetite” to keep passing laws pertaining to content curation or algorithms, by paying close attention to what the justices left out from the most recent decision.