‘The Search for Life in Space’ stars astronomer Lisa Kaltenegger

Lisa Kaltenegger, associate professor of astronomy and director of Cornell’s Carl Sagan Institute, is featured in the new IMAX film “The Search for Life in Space,” now in international release.

“The filming was a fun adventure,” Kaltenegger says. “Instead of doing interviews, I got to crawl through lava caves, fly in door-less helicopters and explore Hawaii for extreme forms of life.”

The film examines the strides that have been made in our search for life beyond Earth, and how scientists such as Kaltenegger now use our planet and its wide range of species as a Rosetta Stone to detect signs of life on exoplanets.

Kaltenegger notes the Voyager spacecraft were launched 40 years ago, carrying the message of humankind into space, curated by a team led by Cornell astronomer Carl Sagan. “We now know that there are thousands of other worlds out there and the next step, to scout them for signs of life, is one of the big science adventures in humankind’s history of exploration,” she says.

- Linda B. Glaser

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