Nutrition certificate provides perspective on lifelong health

The weight-loss market in the United States is worth $66.3 billion. Yet for many Americans, money spent on dieting and gym memberships isn’t translating into long-term health and wellbeing. As of 2014, chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease and cancer accounted for almost 46 percent of all deaths.

Cornell University has launched a new online Nutrition and Healthy Living certificate program designed to put the power of contemporary nutrition science into participants’ hands and provide insight into how to live a longer, healthier life based on a holistic understanding of nutrition, disease prevention and behavior.

“It’s not always helpful to view health and wellness through the lens of popular media. We have to understand the biological systems of the human body as well as the interrelated science behind how people behave. This program goes beyond the fluff to provide the big picture, bridging science and your everyday life,” said David Levitsky, professor in Cornell’s Division of Nutritional Sciences and faculty author of the program.

The Nutrition and Healthy Living certificate program, offered through eCornell, is comprised of six online courses that can be completed in three to five hours per week. Participants will learn:

  • How to understand the scientific relationships between diet, exercise and chronic disease;
  • How biochemistry, physiology, psychology, sociology, economics and politics affect nutrition and health;
  • How multiple mechanisms work together in our bodies to maintain health;
  • How to critically evaluate claims and research concerning nutrition and health; and
  • How to cook healthy recipes.

The program is ideal for nutrition, health and wellness professionals who want a stronger understanding of the science of nutrition, and for sports and fitness professionals. It also is designed for anyone interested in personal wellness, nutrition, weight loss, diet, exercise and living a healthier life. Students who complete all courses receive a Nutrition and Healthy Living Certificate.

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