Certificate program teaches how to leverage blockchain technology

Ari Juels.

Interest in blockchain is rapidly growing, as companies in every industry begin to recognize the many benefits of this innovative new technology. From smart contracts to cloud and supply chain storage, applications of this technology extend well beyond cryptocurrency and financial transactions.

Cornell has launched the new Blockchain for Business certificate program online through eCornell. It will help learners explore blockchain’s cryptographic roots, demystify the technology and recognize how to use blockchain to solve myriad business problems.

“Many associate blockchains with cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, but they have many other applications,” says Ari Juels, professor of computer science at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech and author of the program. “Our Blockchain for Business certificate program will explore the full power of blockchains with learners, enabling them to leverage blockchains’ powerful capabilities, recognize their often-overlooked technical limitations and apply them to real-world business goals.”

Business and technology leaders, entrepreneurs, developers and software engineers interested in learning blockchain fundamentals, and anyone seeking to develop a greater understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency will find value in the program.

Upon completion of the Blockchain for Business certificate program, learners can apply their new skillset back at work by identifying key areas where blockchain technology can help create efficiency, save time and money, and increase security. Further, learners will be able to recognize whether a blockchain is backed by solid cryptographic building blocks to avoid bad business decisions. Courses include:

· Cryptocurrencies and ledgers;

· Cryptography essentials;

· Blockchain fundamentals; and

· Applications of blockchain technology.

Upon successful completion of all four courses, learners earn a Blockchain for Business Certificate from Cornell Tech.

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