Students tidy campus natural areas with a ‘green up’

Isabelle Amlicke ’21 cleaned up invasive species like the woody vine Celastrus orbiculatus from natural areas around campus at Green Up Cornell Oct. 13.

Surrounded by autumnal color, members of the Society for Natural Resources Conservation and other groups tidied campus at Green Up Cornell Oct. 13.

Nearly 80 students fanned out, looked down, picked up and removed litter from all parts of campus and trimmed away invasive plant species.

Daniel Pyrek ’20 led more than a dozen students in removing the woody vine Celastrus orbiculatusfrom a campus natural area.

The Society for Natural Resources Conservation group hosts a clean-up event at least once each semester, said Audrey Stanton ’19, co-president of the group. “We expanded upon our usual clean-up to allow more people to participate and have a greater impact,” she said.

Gwyn Sofka ’19, co-president said: “Bringing the community together was very important … . [Our group was] excited to promote a greener, cleaner campus.”

- Blaine Friedlander

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