Certificate program boosts presentation skills for career growth

According to a recent Forbes report, 70 percent of Americans who give presentations at work agree that good presentation skills are key to their success. Strong leadership reflects an ability to communicate information and emotion effectively, even in the most intimidating circumstances.

David Feldshuh

Cornell’s new Executive Presence certificate program will help learners conquer performance anxiety, refine public speaking skills and build confidence, with the end goal of maximizing the connection between speakers and listeners and furthering career growth.

“Executive presence is not magic,” says David Feldshuh, professor of performing and media arts in the College of Arts and Sciences. “It’s a skillset that learners can master with practice and experience.”

The program teaches how to use breathing, visual focus, voice and gesture to deliver authentic and engaging presentations in a wide variety of settings. Participants will gain further insight by watching others present, and understand more fully the importance of effective body language and vocal variety.

“It's not about achieving perfection or competing with someone else,” Feldshuh said. “In this class, you compete with yourself.”

He said aspiring leaders, managers, senior leaders, executives, CEOs, performers and all who want to strengthen their ability to connect with others while speaking will find value in this certificate program, available online through eCornell.

Courses start every month; upon successful completion of the Executive Presence program – a single 15-week course – learners earn an Executive Presence Certificate from the College of Arts and Sciences, and 60 professional development hours.

– Kristi Gaylord

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