Elissa Sampson, left, lecturer in the Jewish Studies Program, speaks with Sammy Gluck in a scene from ‘‘The Luckiest Guys on the Lower East Side.”

Lecturer featured in Amazon docuseries

Amazon Prime’s new docuseries, ‘‘The Luckiest Guys on the Lower East Side,” features Elissa Sampson, lecturer in the Jewish Studies Program, in Episode 2. Sampson is also credited with helping scout locations for the film.

The series chronicles the challenges of Jewish small-business owner Sammy Gluck as he struggles to keep his 70-year-old business alive. The work highlights the cultural conflict between the neighborhood’s roots and current trends in the age of gentrification.

Sampson’s research focuses on how factors such as Jewish migration, re-diasporization and culture intersect with newly gentrifying areas in Paris, Jerusalem, London, Brooklyn and the Lower East Side.

A personal connection to the film’s subjects made participation in the project especially poignant for Sampson. “I have known Sammy Gluck, the Hasidic owner of Global International Men’s Clothiers at 62 Orchard St., for years, so I was tickled to be involved in this production,” said Sampson.

The film has been met with praise by reviewers in its depiction of a distinctly New York experience. Sampson praised the filmmakers for addressing what she called “the urgent question of accelerating change in the Lower East Side and the very real difficulties that it poses for older neighborhood businesses.”

She added: “Not least, the film addresses with humor a topic of serious concern for all New Yorkers: How can the small brick-and-mortar businesses that define a neighborhood’s fabric survive, and what might it take to help them make that shift?”

The four-part film can be streamed as 20-minute episodes on Amazon Prime.

— Catherine Gorey

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