ILR Review ranked top journal in field by national association

According to a recent member survey by the Labor and Employment Relations Association, Cornell’s ILR Review continues to be the top journal in the field of work and employment relations.

Rosemary Batt

For more than 70 years, the ILR Review has published peer-reviewed, empirical research on the world of work. This spring, it was rated as the best of 20 employment relations journals worldwide by professors from the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia.

“Our ranking … has continued to grow in recent years through our efforts to reach a more inclusive interdisciplinary and international community; we’re really proud of that,” said Rosemary Batt, the Alice Cook Professor of Women and Work and co-editor of the ILR Review. “Our disciplinary base has expanded to include more sociologists of labor, more political scientists, more management scholars, and more legal scholars publishing with us. … [And] we have much more published from international scholars than we ever did before, and many more people from abroad who serve as reviewers or sit on our international advisory board.”

The ILR Review focuses on real-world problems to advance both theory and public policy. “Our journal is problem-centric,” Batt said. “We start with the key issues facing working people … and we try to publish research that provides evidence to understand the problem and then also provide potential policy solutions.”

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– Julie Greco

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