Certificate program develops skills in machine learning

With automation and artificial intelligence expanding across every industry and job function, machine learning – which enables computer systems to learn much like the human brain does – has emerged as one of today’s fastest-growing careers. Well-known applications include fraud-detection systems and autonomous cars.

Kilian Weinberger

To teach the skills to succeed in this rapidly expanding field, Cornell has launched an online certificate program in machine learning.

“Machine learning algorithms improve themselves with experience by discovering patterns in data. This approach is extremely powerful but requires a solid understanding of the underlying principles and mechanisms,” said Kilian Weinberger, associate professor in Computing and Information Science and faculty author of the certificate program.

Programmers, developers, data analysts, statisticians, data scientists and software engineers can all find value in this certificate program, available online through eCornell. Enrollees will implement machine learning algorithms using Python; practice framing problems; and construct a mental model to understand how data scientists approach problems programmatically.

Once participants complete the Machine Learning certificate program, they will understand how to create facial recognition systems using a simple machine learning algorithm, implement algorithms for real-world data, and debug and improve models through ensembling and kernelization.

Courses include: Problem-Solving with Machine Learning; Estimating Probability Distributions; Learning with Linear Classifiers; Decision Trees and Model Selection; Debugging and Improving Machine Learning Models; Learning with Kernel Machines; and Deep Learning and Neural Networks.

Those who complete all seven courses will earn a Machine Learning Certificate from Cornell Computing and Information Science and 126 professional development hours.

– Kristi Gaylord

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