Students compete in a cup-stacking competition at the 2018 Big Red Hacks.

Students to converge on campus for Big Red Hacks

Your friendly neighborhood hackers are coming to town.

Around 500 students from across the country will gather on campus Sept. 20-22 for Big Red Hacks, Cornell’s oldest and largest student-run hackathon.

This year’s theme is “Community Superheroes.” Registration for the event closes Sept. 15.

“I’m excited to see what projects students will make,” said Justin Shillingford ’20, Big Red Hacks marketing director. “The organizers are working hard to make the hackathon as meaningful and impactful as possible for the many students attending.”

The Big Red Hacks bus will be picking up college students from Buffalo, RIT, Princeton, Rutgers and Binghamton, while others will make their own way to Ithaca.

In addition to building and demoing innovative projects, meeting new people and competing for sponsored prizes, students will be having fun on campus with cup-stacking competitions, hiking, ice skating and dog-petting.

Hackathon sponsors include Wayfair, American Express, IBM, Google Cloud, Bloomberg, MLH, Accenture, GrammaTech, JetBrians, Cornell Orchards and Chobani.

Email the organizers for more information.

– Leslie Morris

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