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Student creates Lego replica of veterinary college

The College of Veterinary Medicine now exists in miniature.

Fourth-year veterinary student Samuel Burkhardt with the LEGO replica of the College of Veterinary Medicine he created. Photo credit:

A to-scale Lego replica of the college is currently on public display in the Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library, and includes administrative and hospital buildings, a courtyard topiary, B-Lot and even cars driving along Campus Road. Fourth-year student Samuel Burkhardt, D.V.M. ’20, spent six months and several hundred hours perfecting the challenging build.

The replica contains approximately 20,000 pieces across a 2-by-3-foot stand. Burkhardt is a LEGO enthusiast who has built dozens of models, but this is his first replica of buildings and landscape.

The model up close.

He worked on the build between classes and clinics.

“I fit it in whenever I could,” he said, initially using Google Earth for satellite imagery that would help him lay out the facilities. “Unfortunately, Google Earth wasn’t updated after all the new construction at the college, so I did a lot of walking around taking pictures and video.”

Burkhardt sees these types of projects as a way not only to combine his hobby and love of veterinary medicine, but also as a way to decompress from the stresses of school.

“I find it very relaxing and enjoyable,” he said. “There’s a great community of other enthusiasts, too. It’s good to keep the stress of the program from getting to me – I can just take some time to do some planning and building.”

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– Melanie Greaver Cordova

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