Certificate program teaches Python to working professionals

Python has become the preferred language of many computer programmers, supporting popular applications including software development, machine learning and data science. Featuring code that is simple to read, Python is a versatile language with a thriving support ecosystem and a broad open-source library.

Walker White

“Python is often referred to as the ‘Swiss Army knife’ of programming,” said Walker White, program author and Stephen H. Weiss Provost’s Teaching Fellow in Computing and Information Science. “It is versatile and compatible with other languages, and therefore isn’t tied to one discipline.”

Learning a new skill can be challenging, and real-time feedback is essential to developing competence and preventing mistakes. To enable this, Cornell has created a Software Development in Python certificate program featuring innovative learning tools that are seamlessly integrated into the virtual classroom environment. These tools allow students to code and test Python expressions with immediate results. A built-in auto-grading system eliminates the need for manual assessments, making the learning process more efficient.

Ideal for all levels of programmers, the courses enable participants to master the foundational concepts of programming in Python. Participants will learn to apply Python-based solutions to real-world business problems, and professionally test and verify their own code.

Powered by eCornell, this program consists of six two-week courses:

  • Python Fundamentals
  • User-Defined Functions in Python
  • Developing a Currency Converter
  • Establishing the Control Flow
  • Mastering Data Structures
  • Auditing Datasets

Upon completion, participants will receive a Software Development in Python certificate. Visit the eCornell website for more information on this program.

– Bailey Karfelt

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