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Live webcast to explore pros, cons of machine learning

Kilian Weinberger, associate professor of computing and information science, will present a live webcast, “Machine Learning: Advancements, Opportunities and Dangers,” Jan. 9 at 1 p.m. The webcast will be hosted by eCornell.

Killian Weinberger

As the role of automation and artificial intelligence expands in nearly every industry and machine learning opens up new opportunities across diverse sectors, possibilities within the field are increasing. In his keynote, Weinberger will explore:

  • the newest advances in machine learning and AI;
  • how this rapidly advancing field is creating new job opportunities;
  • how machine learning and AI are improving sectors including medical care, transportation and communications;
  • how machine learning may lead to false expectations and unrealistic hype.

Weinberger’s research focuses on machine learning and its applications, with an emphasis on learning under resource constraints, metric learning, machine learned web-search ranking, computer vision and deep learning.

Register for the Machine Learning webcast on the eCornell website.

– Bailey Karfelt

Media Contact

Gillian Smith