Webinar to offer legal advice for entrepreneurs

Celia Bigoness, associate clinical professor of law at Cornell Law School, will present a webinar, “Why You Need a Lawyer: Legal Advice for Launching a Startup,” on Feb. 20 at 1 p.m.

Establishing a strong legal foundation is critical when launching a new business, but most entrepreneurs have neither the resources nor the time to focus on legal matters. The internet is full of information and legal advice, but free tips and automated document generators found online can be unreliable.

In this webinar, Bigoness, an entrepreneurial law expert, will explore:

  • how to protect your company’s intellectual property and comply with employment laws;
  • how entrepreneurs can minimize their legal fees while setting up the appropriate legal structure for their businesses to thrive;
  • the most common categories of legal issues that arise in startups;
  • which legal tasks startup founders can handle themselves and which should be addressed with a business lawyer; and
  • how to use a lawyer’s time most efficiently.

Visit the eCornell website to register for the event.

– Bailey Karfelt

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Rachel Rhodes