‘Teaching at Cornell’ guide aims to foster excellence

The Center for Teaching Innovation (CTI) has just released its new Teaching at Cornell Guide, a web-based introductory resource for instructors new to either teaching or teaching at Cornell.

“Our hope is that this guide gives you a quick start and accelerates your success as an instructor at Cornell and beyond,” said Mathew L. Ouellett, CTI executive director. “It is intended to begin, not complete, a dialogue on excellence in teaching and learning.”

The CTI guide introduces select student-centered teaching strategies and resources anchored in evidence on ways people learn as well as best practices developed through discipline-based education research.

The guide begins with information on instructor roles for faculty and graduate teaching assistants.

Another section focuses on strategies for designing inclusive courses and introduces active learning techniques to help create a welcoming learning environment and enhance student engagement.

The guide also introduces learning technologies available at Cornell, which can be incorporated into both in-person and online courses to create dynamic learning opportunities and help instructors efficiently manage their courses.

To provide ongoing support for teaching development, the guide highlights campus resources to help instructors address the various opportunities and challenges they may encounter in their roles at Cornell.

The guide is also part of a full complement of teaching and learning development opportunities the CTI offers for individuals, departments and colleges. Contact the CTI for more information.

– Dave Winterstein

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Rebecca Valli