Cornell Hillel video gives students a chance to reflect on RBG

In Judaism, the 30th day after one’s funeral marks the end of the monthlong mourning period called Shloshim and is followed by a transition to more regular activities for mourners.

To commemorate the Shloshim for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg ’54, who died Sept. 18, Cornell Hillel created a video, “30 Statements for 30 Days: Reflections on RBG’s Legacy,” and posted it on Facebook.

In the video, 30 students share their reflections on how they connect to Justice Ginsburg’s legacy. Speakers were selected who represented different aspects of RBG’s time, both at Cornell and after. Speakers include, but are not limited to, students involved with Cornell Hillel, sisters of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority, and members of pre-law and pre-government professional fraternities. 

 Cornell Hillel President Avi Kupperman ’21 and Executive Vice President Sarah Frieman ’21 spearheaded the project after recognizing students’ desires to further express how they connected to Ginsburg’s legacy. They felt that many students at Cornell were deeply impacted by her loss and might benefit from the opportunity to both speak about their personal reflections and hear from fellow students.

While the video features only Cornell students, Kupperman and Frieman hope it will resonate with a wider audience, and that hearing from these 30 students inspires others to reflect on Ginsburg’s legacy.

– Avi Kupperman ’21

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