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Center for Virtual Care expands digital health training

The center’s latest offering is a two-week online course, developed with eCornell, that provides strategies practitioners can use when caring for their patients remotely.

From Cornell to NASA to an icy moon of Jupiter

Laura Jones-Wilson, M.S. ’10, Ph.D. ’12, learned the term ‘aerospace engineer’ from watching ‘Star Trek’ episodes. With a Cornell education, she has landed her dream job at NASA.

Researchers link breast cancer and bone growth

A Cornell-led collaboration has found that bones may grow in response to breast cancer tumors – possibly as a preemptive defense mechanism against metastasis. The findings could point the way to future diagnostic tests and therapeutic treatments.

Self-folding nanotech creates world’s smallest origami bird

Cornell researchers have created what is potentially the world’s smallest self-folding origami bird by using micron-sized shape memory actuators to bend and hold its form.

Food supply chain app wins digital ag hackathon

An app that would maximize profit and minimize food spoilage and loss across the agriculture supply chain was named the grand prize winner in the third annual Cornell Institute for Digital Agriculture Hackathon.

Atkinsons’ $30M gift to name multidisciplinary building

A $30 million commitment from David R. Atkinson ’60 and Patricia Atkinson will name a new multidisciplinary building on campus, intended to foster innovative and collaborative research in key university priority areas.


Migrations grants to fund research on racism, dispossession

New grants from the Migrations initiative seeks to support work in migrations-related research, pedagogy and engagement with a specific focus on racism and dispossession.

$750K awarded for intercampus research

The Office of Academic Integration has awarded $750,000 in seed grants to 10 studies ranging from refugee health and legal rights, to a vaccine treating fentanyl addiction and overdose, to pancreatic cancer and antibiotic tolerance.

NSF challenges Cornell to tame winter, natural disasters

In partnership with New York community groups, Cornell researchers are developing a hyperlocal weather forecasting system designed to help emergency response.