In the News

Article about a competition between New York and other major cities to be the home of Amazon’s new headquarters discusses how New York City officials are promoting Cornell Tech as a key city asset.

Noliwe Rooks, associate professor of Africana Studies, is featured in an article about whether or not there is right to a quality public education. Rooks argues in favor of that right.

Jonathan Lunine, professor of astronomy and a member of the Cassini mission, writes this opinion piece about the end of Cassini’s 13-year journey orbiting Saturn.

Feature on the opening of Cornell Tech with a background on its inception and aspirations. The story quotes New York’s former mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, as well as Cornell Tech dean and Daniel Huttenlocher. Education writer Liz Harris also talks about how Cornell Tech fits in to the Roosevelt Island community, detailing the history of other institutions that have been on the island in the past.

This Daily News editorial focuses on the opening of Cornell Tech. “On Roosevelt Island Wednesday, three beautiful, energy-efficient new edifices open their doors, joining the landscape of the greatest city in the world. But it’s the astonishing work within that should give all New Yorkers a spine-tingling sense of optimism,” it says.

Arthur Wheaton, an automotive expert with Cornell University's School of Industrial and Labor Relations, said that because Chinese auto market is the largest in the world, all global auto companies will make an attempt to meet whatever policies are in place to continue in the market.

Jonathan Lunine, director of the Cornell Center for Astrophysics and Planetary Science at Cornell and a scientist on the Cassini mission comments on this story about the upcoming end of the Cassini mission.

New research by Emily Zitek, assistant professor of organizational behavior and graduate student Sebastian Deri, shows rejection stings even more when you're turned down for another person.

A new study by Natalie Mahowald, faculty director of environment for the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, suggests that far more attention should be paid to deforestation and how the land is used subsequently – the effects of which make a bigger contribution to climate change than previously thought.

Opinion piece by President Pollack which states Cornell’s dedication to truth, free expression and diversity to create a culture in which all members of the Cornell community feel that they belong, can do their best work and can learn from one other.

Opinion article talks about the role climate change plays in creating the weather conditions that lead to large meteorological events, like Hurricane Harvey. The writer quotes climate scientist Chuck Greene, who said climate change intensified the wind and rainfall. 

Article references research by economist Francine Blau, that found a woman's career decisions account for about 60 percent of the gap, while about a third is left unexplained.