In the News

An article about the impact of childhood trauma on long-term psychological issues quotes Christopher Wildeman, associate professor of policy analysis and management, notes that such trauma, “is among the most important things that shapes addictive and criminal behavior in adulthood.”

Coverage of new research by a team of Cornell University material science engineers who devised a method for precisely transforming stretchable 2-D objects into 3-D shapes with the aid of octopus expert Roger Hanlon.

Article about a conspiracy of silence to cover up widespread workplace sexual harassment in the entertainment industry quotes conflict resolution expert Alexander Colvin, associate dean for academic affairs and professor of conflict resolution at the ILR School.

Cornell horticulture professor Steve Reiners says the pumpkin crop this season is benefiting from the dry, warm weather in September. The dry conditions helped ripen the crop and minimized pumpkin diseases.

Feature on how political scientists are studying the Trump presidency. It features a recent paper by government professor Suzanne Mettler which is “an outgrowth of a workshop Mettler, an Americanist, and colleagues held at Cornell in June to promote dialogue across political science subfields -- a central message of the new paper.”

CALS plant disease specialist Karen Snover-Clift talks about the dangers of oak wilt disease, which is killing trees in Brooklyn, Long Island and other parts of New York.

Kathryn Boor’s , dean of Cornell's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, authored this op-ed in support of the federal Farm Bill. Dean Boor’s op-ed makes the case for the connection between food-science funding and food safety for consumers.

Robert Frank, professor of economics at the SC Johnson College of Business, pens this op-ed about the interesting human tendency to underestimate the role pure luck plays in success.

Ron Crystal, a pulmonary physician at Weill Cornell Medicine, is featured in this piece for his work to create a vaccine for cocaine addiction.

Emin Gun Sirer, associate professor of computer science, comments on a major breakthrough in cryptography that may have solved one of the biggest obstacles to using blockchain technology on Wall Street: keeping transaction data private.

A&S physicist Saul Teukolsky comments on Nobel Prize in Physics 2017 award for the detection of gravitational waves, and the opportunities of discovery that the winning physicists opened with their work.

A multiyear study found that birds gathered in greater densities, flew repeatedly in circles and vocalized loudly when the yearly September 11 “Tribute in Light Memorial” powerful beams were illuminated. Ornithologists from Cornell, the New York City Audubon Society, and Oxford University have been monitoring the memorial.