MEDIA ALERT: Experts available on war in Ukraine

Cornell faculty members are available to discuss the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its implications globally.

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Carol Anne Barsody, a master’s student in archaeology, is working with electrical and computer engineering student Jack Defay ’22 to create a 3D model of a mummified bird from Cornell’s Anthropology Collections – one of several interdisciplinary collaborations that Barsody has undertaken to research this ancient artifact. Read the article in the Cornell Chronicle.

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“People want to present themselves in the best light, but also to share freely without excessive cognitive load,” says, Mor Naaman, professor of information science. “The edit button, if it works well, can support both goals.” 

Cornell's Professor Maggie Gardner, a scholar in civil procedure, says: "The state is seeking 'restitution, damages, and injunctive relief,' not criminal penalties.

Cedric Feschotte and Sabrina Leddy, virologists at Cornell, are quoted in this article about innovations to cure Lentiviruses, the viral group that includes HIV.

Mike Lynn, professor in the School of Hotel Administration, is featured in this piece about tipping in the hospitality industry.

Charles Duan, postdoctoral fellow at Cornell Law School, coauthors this opinion piece about drug pricing and regulations.

In this op-ed, executive director of The 2030 Project, Ben Furnas, and sustainability director for the City of Ithaca, Luis Aguirre-Torres, argue that cities and states have an obligation to quickly put in place ambitious building electrification agendas now that the federal government has stepped in to bring down the monetary costs. And they explain how their efforts in Ithaca and New York City can provide a roadmap for other city and state leaders.