MEDIA ALERT: Experts available on the UAW strike

Cornell labor experts are available to discuss multiple aspects of the United Auto Workers contract dispute as well as implications going forward.

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With Cornell’s help, an Amish farmer found financial stability growing shiitake mushrooms while an entrepreneur and a chef, both from China, launched a sauce made with the fungi.

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Details of a report out of the Center for Teaching and Learning that suggests instructors adopt one of three policies regarding AI use in the classroom—prohibit, allow with attribution, or encourage generative AI use.


Brooke Erin Duffy, associate professor of communication, notes that influencers and creators “recount feelings of angst about stepping away—even for a short time. Experiences of burnout and exhaustion are rife among creators and streamers.”


Courtney Murdock, associate professor of entomology, says, “There are some temperatures that you experience that are too cold, and some temperatures that are too bloody hot. And there’s the temperature that you’d like to hang out at, usually around 75°[F]. It’s kind of the same thing for mosquitoes and for the parasites that they transmit.”

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Harry Katz, professor of collective bargaining, talks about cost of living adjustments and inflation.

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William Michael Lynn, professor of services marketing at the Nolan School, explains the five reasons why we leave a larger gratuity.

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Art Wheaton, senior extension associate at the ILR Buffalo Co-Lab, says, “It severely hits the dealerships, and it hurts the customers who purchased those very expensive vehicles in good faith. You just told all your customers, 'Hey we can't fix those $50,000 to $70,000 cars we just sold you because we can't get you the parts.'”