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Cornell Media Relations Office is the university's representative to local, regional, national and international media organizations. Part of University Relations, Media Relations works across the university to connect faculty experts and thought leaders with print, broadcast and digital media.

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Gambia native Nfamara Badjie grows rice in the Hudson Valley using centuries-old, West African techniques of the Jola people. Cornell rice expert Erika Styger is working with Badjie to study which Jola rice techniques work best in the Northeast.

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Lisa Kaltenegger, director of the Carl Sagan Institute, discusses why the work of the Nobel Prize winners of physics is so important and what their work means for the search for alien life 

“There’s no way you can insulate the political process from those concentrations of criminal wealth,” says Ken Roberts, professor of government. “It has a highly, highly distortionary and disruptive effect on democratic politics.”

Jens David Ohlin says, “In this case, impeachment is the ultimate constitutional tool — a blunt tool but a tool nonetheless — for pushing back against a non-compliant executive branch.”

Lisa Kaltenegger, director of the Carl Sagan Institute comments on the work of the winners of the Nobel Prize in physics and the chances of finding life in space.

“President Trump has failed to build a physical wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to deter illegal immigrants, but he has effectively built an invisible wall to keep out legal immigrants,” says Steve Yale-Loehr, professor of immigration law.

“I don’t really see repayment happening, but (the federal government) is leaving its options open,” says Joshua Macey, visiting assistant professor of law. “If Blackjewel goes away, the government will not be able to recover money from Blackjewel and will have to try to get paid from (purchasers or creditors). This is very hard to do.”