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The ATLAS (Accelerated Training for Labor Advancement in Semiconductors) Program works with students enrolled in the New Visions Engineering Program, a yearlong program held on Cornell’s campus that prepares high-achieving, college-bound high school seniors for majors in engineering.

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The Wall Street Journal

Megan Epler Wood, managing director of the sustainable tourism asset management program, discusses the implementation of additional fees in other tourism-heavy areas.


Randy Zelin, professor of law, says “It will have such an enormous impact on the operation of his business. But it will also provide a strong basis for an appeal.”

Scientific American

Kathleen Hefferon, lecturer of microbiology, comments on a new study that found rogue RNA colonizing bacteria in the human gut.

Associated Press

Coverage of the annual Labor Action Tracker report, a collaboration between researchers at Cornell University and the University of Illinois. The piece quotes Alexander Colvin, dean of ILR.


In just the past few weeks alone, journalists have walked out of more than two dozen newsrooms over layoffs, budget cuts, and expired contracts. Alex Colvin, dean of ILR, is quoted discussing the impact of these trends on the industry.

Boston Globe

Ileen DeVault, professor of labor history, discusses the continued momentum in the labor movement.