MEDIA ALERT: Experts available on midterm elections

Cornell faculty members are available to discuss topics from the state of democracy to inflation and public opinion.

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Seafaring drones soon will allow Cornell scientists to examine the abundance and distribution of forage fish – like zooplankton and shrimp – that nourish species higher on the food chain. Read the article in the Cornell Chronicle.

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Glenn Altschuler, professor of American studies, writes this opinion piece about an anti-abortion initiative that supports vulnerable women through and beyond pregnancy. 

Jessica Chen Weiss, professor of government and public policy, says that the cancellation of Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s trip to Beijing “reflects the unfortunate triumph of symbolism over substance.”

Joseph McFadden, associate professor of animal science, writes this piece about the challenges of cutting down methane production from cattle.

This piece features the work of Karen Levy, professor of information science, on surveillance in the trucking industry.

“Managers often think that knowing more about what workers are doing is useful for making decisions, or eliminating waste, or compelling workers to comply with a firm’s goals,” says Karen Levy, professor of information science. 

Michael Lynn, professor of services marketing, discusses present-day tipping practices.